Abruzzo - A perfect blend of nature, amazing food & Montepulciano

Face to face with Abruzzo, the unspoilt side of Italy, home to the wedding tradition of Confetti, less than two hour’s drive from Rome. True to itself, it’s a region of natural beauty, with high peaks, a lush countryside with olive trees and vines and a long stretch of beaches on the Adriatic coast, perfect for soaking up the summer sun, enjoying the relaxed Italian nightlife and taking in all the Romanesque sights.


The food in Abruzzo is simply unforgettable from excellent culinary fish and meat traditions to the delicious regional hearty and rich cuisine, not to mention some of Italy's best wines, Montepulciano amongst many.


Abruzzo does have it all, nature, food, fashion shops, history and art. However, the reason to travel to this corner of Italy remains the simple, authentic pleasure travelers feel as soon as they cross the Apennine and are welcomed by its warm and friendly locals. So if you are looking for a real Italian feel to your wedding in Italy, Abruzzo is the perfect location for your Big day.

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